Designing Better Baby Products

When moms and dads design baby products together, you get the best of both worlds: intuition to create better products for their own children, and determination to bring their innovation to families around the world.

This is especially the case at Nenu Family where two sets of parents set out to create well made, well designed baby products that didn’t smell like chemicals. Using 3D printing and industrial design, the Nenu team is intent on perfecting products for each stage of their children’s development.

Nenu’s commitment to high quality, locally sourced materials means their spoons, forks and silicone teethers (and soon bowls and plates) are designed and manufactured all within a 200-mile stretch of the Pacific Northwest. Even their packaging is made in the USA.

With precision focus, the team produced 40 prototypes using a 3D printer to create the perfect geometry and meet rigorous safety requirements. It shows in the texture of their products too, which are smooth enough for delicate gums and sized for smaller mouths.

It’s these two qualities that have made Nenu’s spoons and forks a staple in my household, spanning from our first solid meal at 6 months old all the way into toddlerhood.

I look forward to sharing their new bowl and plate combo with you in the coming months. But not until it’s perfect, in the eyes of Nenu’s designer parents.

For now, you can check out their spoon and fork set:

Nenu Spoon & Fork Set (Color: Watermelon)

(Images courtesy of Nenu)

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