American Made Toys that Go Vroom (and Choo Choo)

My toddler’s biggest priorities are pretty simple: cars, cars and more cars. “Red” and “white” are frequently called out if either car has been misplaced.

Trains will also do, especially train tables! We’ve scoured the Sacramento area for train tables, hitting up every Thomas the Train treasure trove, from our local library to the famed California Railroad Museum.


Not all toy cars and trains are made equal. The two that have stood the test of time also happen to be made in the USA. Coincidence? I think not. Made thoughtfully with sustainable, safe materials makes all the difference.


For starters, these cars from Green Toys are the perfect size for toddler hands and not small enough for toddler mouths like many toy cars. They’re made from recycled milk jugs, and therefore won’t rust in water or risk peeling or chipping paint. A 4-pack is available for a very reasonable price on Amazon here:

Green Toys MVP1-1165 Mini Vehicle, 4-Pack


We also love this personalized name train from Maple Landmark out of Vermont. The starter set can be purchased through Founder Goods (use code AMBB for free shipping) and both the starter set and personalized name train are available on Amazon:

NameTrain (5 letters) – Made in USA

NameTrain Basic Train Set – Made in USA


Now we just need to stock up on more tracks!

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