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Heavy Duty High Chair

When I initially came across Keekaroo’s made in the USA high chairs, I was biased towards the design. (They are very attractive, especially compared to the plastic jungle out there.) 
I also knew that the impermeable seat cushion would be nice and easy to wipe down. 

But it wasn’t until I had a toddler on my hands that I discovered what really makes it worth the investment… this chair’s not going anywhere!

While other lightweight, rolling high chairs can be convenient, the Keekaroo will endure; tantrums, bouncing, you name it. 

Height Right HIGH Chair Natural with Grey Infant Insert and Tray  (available in different colors and wood stains; I chose natural with chocolate)

I also recommend adding a back cushion, which I ordered directly on Keekaroo’s website. Or, you can get it as part of a comfort cushion set on Amazon here:
Keekaroo Comfort Cushion Set – Chocolate

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