Mama Maker: Diana from Wil + Frida

I wanna be a Wil + Frida baby when I grow up. Dressed in beautiful bohemian, organic cotton crop tops and ruffled bloomers, these mini models are festival ready and an Instagrammer’s dream.

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Behind the fashion forward baby and toddler attire is an inspiring story of women helping women. Wil + Frida founder Diana has built a burgeoning fashion line through a pay it forward community of mompreneurs, seamstresses and content creators.

Wil + Frida american made baby clothes
Image courtesy of Wil + Frida

Women Helping Women Succeed

“After having my girls I felt like there was a need for something different and I was really inspired by other moms who started off the same way,” says Diana.

Wil + Frida began as a creative outlet for Diana to make clothes for her daughters, just as her grandmother did. “She was a great inspiration to me, I was very close to my grandmother,” says Diana.

Feeling inspired and also encouraged by other mama makers and her husband, Diana set out designing handmade, organic baby clothes that would be cute and comfortable enough to play in.

“I have this group of women helping me out along the way, both with my girls and with my business,” she says. “I’d love to continue to empower and inspire other women. We have to help each other out.”

Diana’s support system of women helping women includes:

  • Seamstresses who had been laid off by a retailer and were able to pick up Wil + Frida projects to help make ends meet
  • Mom-owned small shops who pointed her in the direction of organic, American made “dead stock” fabric which she could salvage and breathe new life into
  • A female photographer referred to her by a mom blogger
  • Moms she met on Instagram who bring their kids to photo shoots to play with her oldest, who’s a future fashion entrepreneur in the making

How this Mompreneur Makes it Work

Between her corporate job and her husband’s demanding work schedule, Diana squeezes in time for Wil + Frida after hours, when her two daughters are asleep. She makes the most of every minute, including 6 a.m. runs to the farmers market, but weekends are sacred and focused on family time.

Juggling life as a working mom
Image courtesy of Wil + Frida

“I love to have structure in my life and have my schedule set out for the week,” she says. “It doesn’t always happen that way, because the girls throw curve balls one way or another.”

It takes a village to handle those curve balls, as all working moms know. Diana relies on the support of two sets of grandparents that are four blocks away and her sister, when she needs an extra hand.

“Many times if I need just a quick hour or two on the weekend or Friday night, they are here to help and the girls love it too,” says Diana.

“I feel really happy with how things are going,” she says. “Especially with Wil + Frida. I feel it’s given me a really good balance in my life.”

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