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Pajama Jam

After a season of sleeping in fleece pajamas that aren’t made anywhere near here, it was refreshing to find organic cotton pajamas that are made right here in California.

Brian the Pekingese earns bonus points for having a memorable brand name. These pajamas are perfect for the transition to warmer weather and have the retro look of a Hannah Barbara cartoon, featuring their namesake canine in a boat and rocket ship.

As a plus, their pajama tops are nice and long; perfect for long torsos and big bellies! The organic cotton fabric is nice and soft, and holds up wash after wash.

The company even offers garment recycling, which is both environmentally responsible and smart, considering how quickly babies and toddlers move through sizes.

Available directly on their website:

Or on Amazon:  Brian the Pekingese Boys 100% Organic Cotton Pajamas (2T, Blue Rocket)

(I purchased the long set on Amazon; Brian the Pekingese was kind enough to provide the short set.)

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