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Dad-Friendly Diaper Bags

By sheer luck, the only American made diaper bags I could find also happened to be designed for dads too. DaisyGear by DadGear makes sophisticated messenger bags that have clever compartments for wipes and gadgets. I personally like the striped pattern, but they have all kinds of options from floral to more manly choices: DaisyGear… Continue reading Dad-Friendly Diaper Bags

Furniture · Sleeping

Crib Mattress

Since babies spend a good chunk of their time sleeping, investing in a high quality crib mattress helps mom & dad sleep at night, too. Colgate makes their mattresses right in Georgia, and this particular one is both GREENGUARD Gold certified and uses CertiPUR-US certified safe foam: Colgate Eco Classica III Dual firmness Eco-Friendlier Crib… Continue reading Crib Mattress

Blankets · Sleeping

Swaddling & Sleep Sacks

Mastering the art of the swaddle is no easy feat. I’m convinced baby burritos take 1,000 hours of Malcolm Gladwell-style practice. SnugBug’s Danish midwife-inspired swaddling blankets are versatile and breathable, and American made with organic, fair trade cotton: Organic Swaddle Blanket – USA Made 100% Cotton (CLOUD GREY) When baby started wanting the freedom to… Continue reading Swaddling & Sleep Sacks


A Tale of Two Pacifiers

We didn’t make it very far on our first night home from the hospital before I gave in to my husband’s suggestion that we try the pacifier.  Although I researched and purchased a selection of different options, ranging from natural latex to more traditional options, we decided the NUK seemed like the tiniest, newborn-sized option… Continue reading A Tale of Two Pacifiers


Baby Wearing 

I don’t trust my knot-tying abilities enough to wear a baby in a sling, so the Lalabu Soothe Shirt was a much more reliable option for kangaroo-inspired babywearing. Lalabu Soothe Shirt (M, Pure Black) I love supporting this mama-led company too!  They mill their fabric right in North Carolina and are hands on with their customers… Continue reading Baby Wearing 


Bath Time

I remember how terrified I was to bathe my newborn. I waited until well beyond the sponge bath phase and watched videos to make sure I had all my supplies ready and knew what I was doing. As nervous as I was about the whole thing, I had done plenty of research about American made… Continue reading Bath Time


Nursery Furniture

While in nesting mode, I searched high and low for furniture that wouldn’t off-gas or use questionable varnishes. I was pleasantly surprised to find a handful of preschool supply companies that created furniture for little ones with safe finishes. Vermont-based Whitney Brothers stood out because they’re GREENGUARD Gold certified, and have a wide selection. I… Continue reading Nursery Furniture