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Swaddling & Sleep Sacks

Mastering the art of the swaddle is no easy feat. I’m convinced baby burritos take 1,000 hours of Malcolm Gladwell-style practice.

SnugBug’s Danish midwife-inspired swaddling blankets are versatile and breathable, and American made with organic, fair trade cotton:

Organic Swaddle Blanket – USA Made 100% Cotton (CLOUD GREY)

When baby started wanting the freedom to wiggle his arms, we graduated through a series of sleep sacks.

My favorite made-in-the-USA sleep sacks come from Taraluna, which makes organic, fair trade 100% organic cotton and velour zippered sleep sacks:

Organic Sleeveless Interlock Newborn Cozie Sack (L – 12-18 Mo., 20-28 lbs., 30-33 inches, Blue)

Organic Cotton Interlock Long Sleeve Cozie Sack – Made in the USA (S – 3-6 mo. (11-18 lbs.) 23-26″, Pink)

Organic Long Sleeve Velour Newborn Cozie Sack (S – 3-6 mo. (11-18 lbs.) 23-26″, Natural with Natural Trim)

As a bonus, they’re Labradoodle-approved. 😉


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