A Tale of Two Pacifiers

We didn’t make it very far on our first night home from the hospital before I gave in to my husband’s suggestion that we try the pacifier. 

Although I researched and purchased a selection of different options, ranging from natural latex to more traditional options, we decided the NUK seemed like the tiniest, newborn-sized option of the bunch.

For the first six months, we relied on these silicone pacifiers from NUK, which are made in the USA:

NUK Juicy Puller Silicone Pacifier in Assorted Colors, 0-6 Months

Later, we graduated to the same pacifiers for 6-12 months:

NUK Juicy Puller Silicone Pacifier in Assorted Colors, 6-18 Months

At some point as we were nearing 1-year, we switched to Dr. Brown’s, which I’m sure was a matter of what was available on Amazon Prime Now or something, and they’re also made in the USA:
Dr. Brown’s PreVent Classic Pacifier, Stage 3 (12m+), Unique Blue/Green, 4-Pack

And like any parent of a toddler that likes to throw things, we probably own at least 20 of Dr. Brown’s pacifiers. I highly recommend keeping a bowl of clean ones near the crib for middle of the night scrambling!

On a side note, I was hesitant to introduce the pacifier and equally hesitant to offer it beyond naptime and bedtime. But at a certain point when teething and car rides became unbearable for all parties involved, I accepted the omnipresent “paci.”

All the more reason to feel good about the materials that have a constant presence in your child’s mouth!

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