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Mama Maker: Haylie from Bee Bear Children’s Designs

Maintaining quality and family time is top priority for Haylie, while she mindfully grows her collection of Texas-sewn nursing sleeves, paci bibs, and teething necklaces.  She relies on her husband to hold down the fort while she spends one week a month at the Dallas Market sharing her wares with the world.  Haylie’s idea to… Continue reading Mama Maker: Haylie from Bee Bear Children’s Designs


A Tale of Two Pacifiers

We didn’t make it very far on our first night home from the hospital before I gave in to my husband’s suggestion that we try the pacifier.  Although I researched and purchased a selection of different options, ranging from natural latex to more traditional options, we decided the NUK seemed like the tiniest, newborn-sized option… Continue reading A Tale of Two Pacifiers